Nostradamus Prophesies

From Revelation to Nostradamus, the seers of old have actually forecasted these changes that have actually currently started to manifest in the world, as well as will certainly boost at the beginning of this third millenium.


A fantastic lot of individuals had focused their mind on the year 2000 as well as were expecting a manifestation of substantial proportion, also the end of the world. It holds true that nothing occurred during that time however the changes are there. Modifications in the climate patterns, raising earthquakes, floodings as well as catastrophies of all kinds are the indications that the planet is about all set for a cleansing procedure that will change the training course of record as well as cause a brand-new humanity and a new order on the planet.

Billions of years back, we began the long quest that led us to this supreme venture on the physical aircraft called planet. We are now on the brink of a worldwide event that will straighten the human race towards its supreme goal and fate, that of ending up being, once more, the Sons and also Daughters of God we were at the beginning of our creative endeavours in the real worlds. As the world goes into great changes, the getting worse conditions of the world will certainly bring excellent distress in all continents, The continents will move and also change, as well as what is now land masses will certainly end up being sea flooring, as well as the land we trod in the days of Atlantis will certainly come to light to develop the brand-new world and also the brand-new humankind.