The Bible

The Holy bible is, unquestionably, among the most fantastic and also powerful book in the world, and this in spite of the reality it has actually undertaken lots of alterations, including a last one where it is seen, for the feminist movement and various other associated groups, that we have acquired of a Mom God.

It is regrettable it needed to come from pressure groups that did not completely comprehend just what they were asking for, since, in addition to any type of feminist, or spiritual, factors to consider, there is really a Mommy God, Nature, which supports us and also sustains human life on the tridimensional airplane that we populate. So, it is a right designation to take care of the Divine being as Father God and also Mom God. You could call God whatever you want, as long as you consider that God is the totality of all that exists, and also an intrinsic part of all life forms. animate or inanimateIt can, in no other way, be thought about as a separate entity, or a personal God. God is All. All is God.